2023 USA National and World Open
Halftime Show Twirl Team Championships
Primary Small Primary Large
1st Dance Twirl Minnesota 1st Jazz Dolls (OH)
2nd St. Louis Performance Acad(MO)
3rd Julie's Touch of Silver (WI)
4th Sue's Stepper-ettes (NE)
5th Razzle Dazzles (IL)
Youth Small Youth Large
1st Westernettes (IL) 1st Julie's Touch of Silver (WI)
2nd Twirling Twisters (IL) 2nd Sue's Stepper-ettes (NE)
3rd New Horizons Majorettes 3rd Twirling Twisters (IL)
4th Phoenix Twirlers (OH) 4th Taylor's Twirlers (KS)
5th Shannon's Stars (KS)
6th St. Louis Performance Acad(MO)
7th Dance Twirl Minnesota (MN)
8th Captivators (PA)
9th New Horizons Majorettes (PA)
Junior Small Junior Large
1st Academy Starz (CT) 1st Julie's Touch of Silver (WI)
2nd Phoenix Twirlers (OH) 2nd Saline Twirlettes (MI)
3rd M & M Sweeties (FL) 3rd Sue's Stepper-ettes #2 (NE)
4th St. Louis Performance Acad(MO)
5th Sue's Stepper-ettes (NE)
6th Shannon's Stars (KS)
7th Genesis Performing Arts (AL)
8th All-Star Twirlers Florida (FL)
9th Captivators (PA)
10th New Horizons Majorettes (PA)
Senior Small  Senior Large 
1st Sue's Stepper-ettes (NE) 1st Sue's Stepper-ettes (NE)
2nd New Horizons Majorettes (PA) 2nd Intrepid (FL)
3rd Sugarettes (MO) 3rd Twirl Tas Tix (MD)
4th 4th Shannon's Stars (KS)
College Small College Large
1st University of Georgia (GA) 1st Lindenwood University (MO)
2nd Univ of AK Razorback Twirlers (AK) 2nd Texas Tech University (TX)
3rd Ohio State-Buckeye Twirl (OH)
4th SFA Twirl-O-Jacks (TX)