]AYOP 2004

Notre Dame's Joyce Center

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Due to construction, most of the main parking lot we have used in the past is unavailable.  We are recommending using the Bulla Lot north of the Joyce center and using the Gate 4 entrance. 

If you have props or other large items, you may use the drive by Gate 4 for loading and unloading.  You will not be able to stop for long and the car can never be unattended.  We will have parking assistants there to assist keeping the drive as open as possible for all to have equal accessibility. 

Note the Stadium Lot is gate controlled for staff during the day, but it will be accessible for us in the evenings.  Any use of lots south of the Joyce Center should use Gate 8, Gate 1 or Gate 2. (see map on other side)

As always, parking in any of the tan colored lots is free and is first come-first served.

All open events scoresheets and awards will be in the monogram room as in years past.

Team results (Advance and Beginner) will be announced at the end of those events as we are unable to have Grand Team Finals this year.  There will be a special trophy presentation to the winning teams who will receive Dynasty Trophies in the Monogram Room.  See schedule for times.

Corps results will be announced after the last Corps performs as we are unable to hold Corps Finals this year.

Please sure to check out batontwirling.com often for results and other updates.  Also check out
NBTA-USA on Facebook and Instagram for social media updates and last minute news.


Due to the arena floor project, here are the changes for this year’s event

· NO ACCESS TO THE JOYCE CENTER ON SUNDAY.  Doors open at 7am on Monday.

· Main entrance for guests and participants are Gates 3 and 4, which are the direct access areas to the Fieldhouse

· Fieldhouse will have our normal allotment of white chairs in addition to the bleacher seats for your use.  We will also have a few specific areas for your chairs ONLY.  We will not allow any changing tents or blankets on the floor this year in order to maximize the number of chairs in this space.  We also ask that your chairs be placed in lines (not big circles) again to best use this space.

· The upper concourse around the arena and select hallways will be open for "camping" - the venue team will tape off the areas where camping is allowed, in order to manage capacity and a clear pathway throughout the venue.

· We are strongly suggesting people utilize the arena seats as an alternate to bring chairs.  Seats will be open and did not require you bringing a bunch of extra gear. 

· The entire lower concourse around the arena will not be available for guest or participant access. This area will still have equipment from the flooring project, and since it has direct access to the floor, this area will not be open.

· Gates 9 and 10 will be exit only, in order to limit the traffic coming into the arena side.

· Gate 8 will be open for access to Gym 1 (via the stairs). Gates 1 and 2 will be open for access as well.

· Heritage Hall will be open with tables and chairs as it has in the past.

· Monogram Room will be used as it has in the past.  This is the best place to get your questions answered and pick up your scoresheets.