USA National and World Open

Twirl Team Championships 2007

Beginner Divisions

  Small Beginner Senior       Large Beginner Senior    
1st Rampage PA 163.3 1st Phoenix Superstars AZ 148.7
2nd Beth's Batoners KS 158 2nd Rampage PA 138.7
3rd Centurions # B PA 151.3 3rd Stepper-Ettes NE 132.3
4th Applause of Bel Air # A MD 149.9 4th Centurions PA 130.8
5th New Horizons NY 149.4 5th      
6th Phoenix Superstars AZ 148.7 6th      
7th Centurions # A PA 148.2 7th      
8th Progress Baton Club CAN 145.2 8th      
9th Angels's Hi-Steppers OH 145.1 9th      
10th Applause of Bel Air # B MD 144.6 10th      
  Small Beginner Junior       Large Beginner Junior    
1st Rampage PA 131.4 1st Stepper-Ettes # A NE 132.3
2nd Riverside Young Californians CA 131 2nd Stepper-Ettes # B NE 132
3rd Applause of Bel Air # 1 MD 125.3 3rd Star Spirit IL 131.8
4th Phoenix Superstars AZ 124.7 4th Royalettes VA 128.9
5th Centurions PA 118.8 5th Featurettes of Hanover PA PA 127.3
6th Ovation AZ 118.1 6th Angels's Hi-Steppers OH 119.6
7th New Horizons NY 117 7th Phoenix Superstars AZ 119.1
8th All American Twirlers PA 113.6 8th Islettes Elite NY 118.1
9th Daley Debutantes WI 113.3 9th Applause of Bel Air MD 117.4
10th Phoenix Superstars # 2 AZ 112.9 10th Blazers MD 109.9
  Small Beginner Juvenile       Large Beginner Juvenile    
1st California Twriling Instiute CA 133.1 1st Stepper-Ettes NE 127.7
2nd Royalettes # A VA 129.3 2nd Daley Debutantes WI 127.4
3rd South Florida Dynamics FL 126.7 3rd Angels's Hi-Steppers OH 112.7
4th Applause of Bel Air MD 121.3 4th South County Hot Shots MO 94.5
5th Beth's Batoners KS 112.3 5th      
6th New Horizons NY 112 6th      
7th Silver Knights PA 109.6 7th      
8th Progress Baton Club CAN 107.1 8th      
9th Phoenix Superstars AZ 106.9 9th      
10th Razzle Dazzles IL 106.2 10th      
  Small Beginner Tiny Tot       Large Beginner Tiny Tot    
1st Applause of Bel Air MD 135.3 1st Stepper-Ettes NE 129.1
2nd Stepper-Ettes CAN 135.1 2nd Daley Debutantes WI 123.8
3rd Daley Debutantes WI 134.7 3rd Wheaton Majorettes MD 114
4th Marshalettes PA 131.9 4th      
5th Progress Baton Club CAN 121.3 5th      
6th South Florida Super Stars FL 118.2 6th      
7th All American Twirlers PA 116.9 7th      
8th Wheaton Majorettes MD 114.7 8th      
9th Angels's Hi-Steppers OH 112.8 9th      
10th Twirling Twisters IL 111.2 10th